In humility…

Remember how I mentioned the other day that I’d felt a tad self-conscious on Sunday when I realised that my position on the stage made me a prime candidate for being filmed? That I’m not a great dancer and that being in a gospel choir necessitates moves? That my face was apparently on screen a lot?

One commenter said he was disappointed that the post wasn’t accompanied by a video. In reply, I stated that I would ‘sacrifice my own dignity for the sake of highlighting a truly awesome performance’, perhaps complacent in the knowledge that in the 4 years of being in this choir no such footage has ever emerged on YouTube. Another commenter mentioned how much they’d laugh if such a video showed up…

Well, it seems that this is the year my luck changed. I’ve just had an e-mail with a YouTube link in that showcases our final performance of Kirk Franklin’s Hosanna. It was most definitely my favourite song of the night and, were it not for the fact that you can’t get it on iTunes, I’d have listened to it countless times since Sunday. Instead there’s Spotify and this video of him performing it live (watch ours first though, else we’ll look bad in comparison!).

Enough procrastinating…here it is!
I’m in the centre, second row up – just opposite the conductor. When the mum filming it zooms in to capture her son in full flow, you also get a great view of my face. At around 4.36 you catch a glimpse of my head filling the ENTIRE screen above us, which of course happens just at the moment when I do my classic ‘head toss’ dance move. I had no idea the cameraman went in so close! Shocking.

The sound quality’s not as good as it might have been, but hopefully you get the idea. I’m so proud to be part of such a lovely, passionate group of singing people. Love it!

Blogging love

Short and sweet today – simply a collection of recent things that I want to share my love of in the blogging world…
1) Ali’s blog. Ali’s a friend who moved to Ghana to work for a construction firm a couple of years ago. Her blog tells the random tales of being a British girl living in Africa and is well-worth a read, now that it’s back from a blogging hiatus. It also has one of the best blog titles – ‘Missing Bacon Butties’ – I’ve come across and makes me hungry whenever I see it.
2) Jo’s new baby blog. The blog is new, it’s about babies and crafts and there will be a new baby shortly. It’s cute and lovely and who doesn’t like crafts and babies?? (Boys? No, I’m sure they like them too!)
3) Jenny’s debut single. Jenny is one of my wisest friends, she also directs the gospel choir I sing in and generally is rather awesome in a musical way – fabulous voice, great songs…she’s a pretty gorgeous individual too. Yesterday saw the launch of of her very first single, which you can download for free via the above link, or watch the video:
PS – had to find a new blog template last night as it was driving me up the wall that YouTube videos didn’t fit across the column width anymore. Need to do some more work on it, but hopefully this will be enough for now!

Things I’m loving, right this moment

I love…

– Christmas carols. I know yesterday I said I never wanted to sing ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’ again, but that was before the wonderful Jenny & Lynsey funked it up a tad, and made it rock quite a bit. Somehow this made it so much more bearable to sing many, many times.

– Small children dressed up in tea-towels/tinsel. There is truly nothing cuter than a children’s nativity play. Especially when it involves a large pantomime camel; an over-acting 3rd King; a tearful angel and rebellious 6 year old.

– Singing. I just love it. It’s not that I forget that I enjoy it, it’s just that the opportunities to go all out and lose myself in the moment are few and far between. I am beyond joyous that the vicar loved our rendition of ‘Joyful Joyful’ as much as I do (also made up for him announcing that “the choir will now sing something interesting”…), and therefore insisted that we reprise it at the end of the 3rd carol service today. There really is nothing better than an all out gospel fest, with an amazing soloist and pretty good gospel choir-esque moves. Love it.

– The pub and Magners with ice. Enough said.

– My bed and the fact that I don’t have to be at work till 12.15 tomorrow. Whoop. (Although, slightly less excited by this as I’ve realised that means I’ve got less than 12 hours till I have to leave, ho hum.)

– Ultimately though, I think I just love Christmas. Full stop.