(Mini) Feminist Rant

There is a slight irony that this post comes just 3 days after a remarkably un-feminist post, but my feminist moments come and go.

On Saturday I was with my friend Doris (aged 5) whose mum had given her £3 to spend in Primark – always a fun exercise. Doris ended up borrowing £1 off me to by a set of dress-up “nurse” PJs, complete with toy stethascope, syringe and medicine cup. The only thing is, this could easily have been a “doctors” set, but as it was in the girls section, it was nurse. A comparison with the boys’ collection showed that years of feminist ranting doesn’t seem to have made a lot of difference to Primark.
Boys: Cowboy, Policeman, footballer
Girls: Cowgirl (Doris wasn’t sure what one of them was!), Nurse, Fairy and Beautician

Anyway, I’ve told Doris she can be a Doctor when she grows up, if she wants to – there’s nothing stopping her.

As an aside, she said the cutest thing on the way home: “I hope I dream of people tonight so that I can heal them”!! Awwww, bless.