Cosmetic Frustration

You know how some things in life are beyond our control?

The weather; the TV schedule; the dominance of Federer at Wimbledon…
You can try to resolve them, but often they simply leave you frustrated and searching for answers and solutions.
Currently I am facing a major frustration that is totally beyond my control:
Clinique have discontinued *my* mascara.
Seriously, this is a big issue! (Don’t even think about suggesting that it isn’t!)
For years I struggled with mascara, getting poked in the eye with wayward wands (honestly, there is little in life that’s more painful); having it run down my cheeks in streaks of brown/black when crying or in a rainstorm; rubbing off at the slightest touch…
The biggest problem is that I have super sensitive eyes (I’m generally a rather sensitive person, don’t you know) and a lot of eye make-up aggravates them. It also means that they run frequently – in the wind, in hayfever season, in the sun, when I’m tired, when I’m emotional…
Discovering Clinique’s Gentle Waterproof Mascara solved all these problems and I’ve been using it for nearly two years. (It also propelled me into the world of ‘proper grown up make-up’ which saw me spend just under £50 at the Clinique counter a couple of weeks ago – I only bought 3 things!)
And now they’ve gone and discontinued it. I’m not happy. Neither is my mother (we have the same eye issues). I complained, but got little help in return, so I’m stuck. I might have another couple of months use out of my current mascara, but then nothing. I’m left with a few options:
Do I continue the battle with Clinique in the hope that they’ll bring it back? (They have u-turned in the past.) Do I begin searching for another waterproof sensitive mascara knowing that there are very few on the market? (My first trial at the weekend, at the Benefit counter, was disastrous.) Do I buy up all stock left in Clinique’s ‘Gone but not forgotten’ programme?
Or, do I accept that this is simply a beauty product that makes me conform to gender stereotypes; one that I don’t need because my eyes are amazing regardless (!); and that there are far more important things going on the world that I should be firing off angry e-mails about – like Gaza, famine, debt, terrorism, poverty, trafficking and climate change?
But honestly, anyone got any mascara recommendations??