Clutterbuck de-cluttering

Something about the dawn of a new decade and having my flatmate move out seemed to inspire an uncontrollable need in me to de-clutter the flat.

As this nostalgic post suggested, I’m somewhat sentimental and tend to hang on to things for far longer than they’re useful (if they were at all useful in the first place). A couple of weeks ago I spent a Saturday afternoon sorting through boxes of old correspondence (it went back to 1995 – the year we left London) and other similarly nostalgic items. The ones from university years appeared to contain the tickets from every film, play and gig I went to over three years, plus random post-it notes left by friends and motivational messages to myself (yes, I know…). I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this kind of thing. I got a decade of such things into a (large) shoebox and I reckon that’s perfectly acceptable.

At the same time, I made some important breaks with the past. An envelope full of¬†paraphernalia¬†relating to some idiot boy? Gone. Years’ worth of birthday/Christmas cards? Gone.

Tonight was more of the same, this time in my bedroom which I’ve studiously avoided tidying or cleaning, despite the to-do list on the fridge saying in captitals: TIDY & CLEAN BEDROOM. The pile of stuff to go to the charity shop has got bigger (including a number of handbags – be proud). My under bed storage system has been rationalised and craft supplies reorganised. Exciting stuff.

Then I made a discovery – a file of old e-mails. (I know, who prints out e-mails? Well, I had my reasons…) They were very old and should have been prime candidates for chucking out, but I couldn’t do it without reassurance. (Merci beaucoup to Katie for providing it!) They’ve gone, and with it the last of some ridiculous sentimentality.

There’s nothing like getting rid of stuff you don’t need. It actually makes me realise how much rubbish I keep for no particularly good reason. Remember the mix-tapes I mentioned last week? I found several, including one that had been eaten over 5 years ago and which I recreated on CD 4 years ago – why on earth had I bothered keeping it??

All I need to do now is to finish the mission properly, rather than just settling for what I’ve done so far. Procrastinating is evil, but so easy…

I wonder…

…does it mean something that I’ve had to buy a smaller purse to take away on holiday with me?

[To clarify, by “purse” I mean wallet – not handbag.]
Is my current purse too big?
Is the handbag I’m taking on holiday too small?
Is this all a major irrelevance?
I don’t care. It’s small, pretty & from Cath Kidston – enough said. (I’d actually just popped out of the office to buy milk, so it was something of an impulse buy, though a planned one.)
Incidentally, know how to rid surplus men from conversations? Throw in as many male-phobic conversation topics as you can in a short period of time. [This is not so much of a tangent as it sounds, the link is bags…]
Worked fantastically at church last night. I was cooing over the news that Annabelle had bought a new bag from Radley – it was purple and it seems that the world is buying purple handbags (my mum just bought one in Milan), I feel compelled to buy one too – and then we talked more about dresses. It was at this point that P (sat between us) went off to collect beverages.
When he returned we were engaged in an enthusiastic discussion about our respective forthcoming travels, so he was happy to re-occupy his seat. Though he did threaten to leave again when I thrust my hands at Annabelle to show off a new shade of nail varnish…
P – please forgive me for telling this story! I’m sure you weren’t trying to get away from us and our feminine conversation. (Though trust me, it got worse while you were gone!)