Where else?

Being something of a geek when it comes to social media, this is obviously not the only place online where I can be found.

There are photos…

  • On Flickr. (Where I tend to dump all my ‘serious’ photos and where I’m currently taking up the challenge of posting a photo a day in 2013.)
  • On Instagram. (Where, like the rest of the world, I mostly post photos of food, manicures, babies and shoes.)

And there’s other writing…

  • In 2007, I visited Palestine and wrote a blog about my experiences, which I (very) occasionally update….
  • I blog my adventures in online dating
  • I tweet (some would say compulsively, I say moderately).
  • I’m part of the Threads collective and sporadically write for them.
  • I’ve contributed to the debut edition of¬†Fresh from the Word: The Bible for a Change¬†- a new daily Bible reading plan for 2014.
  • For several years I was a researcher for the Methodist Church and wrote many papers for them. My biggest research project was on the ‘Missing Generation’ and culminated in a report to the Methodist Conference.
  • And, for over a year, when I was still a Twitter refusenik, I recorded my every Facebook status. (I preempted the usefulness of Timeline by about three years.)


The world/church is my oyster...