Friday Fun for the second Friday of 2014

As I mentioned the other day, Sherlock’s use of the London Underground (however right/wrong it may have been) has unleashed a flood of TfL geekery upon the internet. Some of the best I’ve seen should provide the start of a fun Friday morning…


This map of ‘ghost stations’ was linked to in a BBC article on disused stations that jumped on the Sherlock bandwagon. If you’ve had the least bit of interest in the subject, then most of that article won’t be news to you, but the photos of Aldwych station are as fascinating as ever.  [I’ve just discovered the London Transport Museum had tours down there in November. How did I miss that piece of news?!?]

Aldwych Platform

Talking of tube history, 2013 was the 150th anniversary of the tube, and one fabulous blog celebrated the year by chronicling 150 of the best features of the tube network. Its last post came as the year closed, but if you missed it, I highly recommend trawling through its archives – it was utterly lovely. I was going to miss its presence in my blog feed, but thankfully, a friend passed on a link to another blog that appears to have its fair share of London Transport geekery – both historic and futuristic. Ian Visits has included posts on the CrossRail development at Canary Wharf & Bond Street, as well as photos of disused tunnels (specifically, a disused loop of the Northern Line which I did not know about). You know, the kind of thing that gets me and my geeky friends quite excited. (Oh, and he shares my views about the ridiculousness of tube pedantry in the context of Sherlock. Good man.)

Finally, a couple of interactive tube past-times. Firstly, something that involves actually going outside and doing some travelling. Someone has come up with lists of tube stations on FourSquare so that people can challenge themselves to visit all the stations in zone 1, or the whole DLR, or the whole Overground. I imagine this would be most fun in some kind of time-limited, competition framework (but that might just be my competitive side coming out). Secondly, those hilarious tube station white boards? Well, not all of them are real, because some whiz came up with a way of making your own

Sherlock Station Board

Well done all – you’ve survived the first full week of work in 2014!

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