Friday Fun with Ikea and God

After a bit of an absence, Friday Fun is back and with it, an eclectic range of weird and wonderful things to make the last working day of the week a brighter place.

To start, here’s the obligatory London Transport reference. Some clever person has put together an animation that allows you to switch between the London Underground map of today; what it looks like in ‘real’ geography; and Beck’s original design. You can happily spend several minutes clicking between the three.

Real underground map

The reason so many people are obsessed with this map is simply because it’s a fabulous piece of design. It’s simple, colourful, clear and helps you get where you need to go. Talking of simple and lovely design, I’ve recently discovered The Minimum Bible – who have designed a cover for each of the books of the Bible, both Old and New. It’s clever stuff, after all, what should the cover of the book in which God created the world look like? Or one that’s about the end of days?

GenesisRevelationLove this symmetry between Genesis & Revelation. 

Talking of diagrams and God, may many blessings fall upon the clever and funny people at Theologygrams! Handy venn diagrams, pie charts, and graphs illustrating various theological arguments. Thanks to my many weeks of angst over a 5,000 word exegesis of Galatians earlier this year, this depiction of Paul’s ‘wrath-o-meter’ caused me to chuckle:


My father, the systematic theologian and Barth fan, will appreciate these:



Moving on from theology and on to more sensible, weekend activities – specifically, heading to Ikea and the movies. In fact, why not combine them? Current box office #1 Gravity is a little intense, as is a Saturday or Sunday spent in the environs of Swedish furniture. Thus, some clever person has thought to combine them:

Finally, everyone loves a Friday quiz and what better than a game of Ikea or Death? Is the Scandinavian sounding word an item in the Ikea catalogue or a death metal band? Try your luck… (I scored a fairly respectable 14/20, which owes more to my studious memorisation of Ikea furniture names than my knowledge of obscure and weird looking bands.)



  1. I got 14/20 too, again due to an unhealthy knowledge of Ikea products rather than Death bands.

  2. 14/20 – spooky of fixed?

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