One Fine Day in London

[Strictly speaking, by ‘day’ I mean 24 hours…]

Friday was the kind of day that London is made for. Blue skies, little wind and a sense that somewhere a rom-com was probably being filmed. I had the privilege of having to be in Westminster for a meeting, which meant plenty of photo-taking opportunities. I tried hard not to flood Instagram, but it was difficult.

St Stephen's Tower Obviously, this is not Big Ben…

Houses of Parliament An age-old view of Parliament.

IMG_4893Westminster Abbey, from its back garden (and the back-door of Church House Westminster). 

Eye b&wThe Eye – even impressive in black & white. 

View full of landmarks A plethora of landmarks in one photo.

Blackfriars Platform The morning after – included only because everyone should be aware of just how awesome the view from Blackfriars station is.

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