So, that was #gb40…

I am freshly showered for the first time since Friday morning and boy, does it feel good! It says a lot about my love of Greenbelt that it’s something for which I am willing to become progressively more unclean over a period of four days.

[Ok, so I started this post last night, but got distracted by my desperate need for sleep.]

This year could go down in my Greenbelt-going history as one of the best years yet. (Which, in 16 years, is a pretty good effort.) I attribute this to the combination of several factors:

  • Multiple good people. There are always good people at Greenbelt, but this year I was camping with a crowd from Matryoshka Haus, as well has having my usual group of Greenbelt camping friends around. (Though with some notable exceptions – looking at you Mim & Jenni…) Add into the mix old colleagues, friends of yore, vicar school chums, Twitter followers & followees, and a whole group of people that I met at last year’s festival and who I’ve had the privilege of getting to know better in London over the last 12 months. Good people = good times.
  • A very decent volunteer’s job. Lots of people ‘work’ at the festival – as stewards, site-vibers, youth workers, artists, bar people, the list is almost endless. I’ve worked a few years, either because my day-job was for an organisation that featured at the festival, or, on one never to be repeated occasion, as site-security for the children’s festival. (The only good thing was the walkie-talkie I was issued with.) This year however, I landed a job that turned out to be great – being part of the review team for the Church Times. [Yet another example of why Twitter’s great – I replied to a tweet asking for volunteers in a moment of unusual confidence.]
  • Things to hunt – namely, Greenbelt Bingo [blogpost about this is in the offing] and Gnomes. I actually didn’t bother with the latter as I found out about bingo first, and with the way that I do Greenbelt, it was rather more achievable.
  • The weather. The only heavy rain occurred on Friday night, while I was in the beer tent. I didn’t get wet at all and – most importantly – it was the warmest at night that I’ve ever known it at the festival. No thermals required and no lying awake freezing at 5am, willing dawn to break. Joyous.

I’m hugely grateful to the Church Times for giving me the chance to volunteer with them – it meant that I went to much more stuff than usual, and made an effort to experience a variety of activities – which turned out to be a very good thing. (Specifically, the Les Mis Mass, which deserves – and will get – an entire blogpost in its own right.) If you are a CT reading type person, my 100-150 word reviews will be unidentifiable within the Greenbelt supplement, but my name may appear somewhere, which is moderately exciting. What was also moderately exciting was my Press Pass – the only way in which it was possible to get into hugely popular events:

Press Pass

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