Friday Fun with diversity

Today’s Friday Fun begins with a video that might typically be expected to finish a Friday Fun post. The Evolution of Music has been doing the rounds a bit on social networks (if I’d not been essay writing this time last week, it would no doubt have appeared more novel to my readers), but worth a share in case you’ve not seen it. Admittedly, I wish it had concentrated more on pre-20th century music and had been less American-centric, but it’s still quite a feat:

Continuing with a somewhat educational theme, regular readers will be aware that I’ve long been greatly amused with some of the ridiculous things you can find online about periods. (See previous posts on the subject.) A recent discovery has been a terribly old school Disney film about ‘the story of menstruation’ that managed to get banned. Think Fantasia, sponsored by Kotex…

If you thought that was cringeworthily old fashioned, you *must* watch ‘Growing Girls’ from the BFI archives – one of my personal favourites. Kotex still sponsor informative period videos and have been responsible for some gems in the past (just search YouTube), but I rather liked their recent myth busting campaign. Apparently, it was believed that women would turn spaghetti sauce sour once a month…

Moving on (as I’m sure some of you will be relieved to hear). What do you get when you combine the best of Shakespeare with the best of the internet? Shakespearian insults accompanied by cats, obviously!

Shakespeare cat 1

Shakespeare cat 2

Continuing the theme of uniquely English humour and language, I defy you not to be amused by at least one of these examples of British graffiti. (Warning: some may offend and are NSFW.)

Graffiti 1

Graffiti 2

Graffiti 3

Finally, something I gave to Twitter in lieu of Friday Fun last week (when I was up to my eyeballs in deadlines for this past Monday), courtesy of my fun friend Jenni – how do you fancy playing Lego virtually? No need for a tub of bricks, all you need is Google Chrome, a few spare hours and a vibrant imagination…

Building Lego with Chrome

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