Friday Fun for Monday Morning

As I seem to have said repeatedly since returning from Uganda, life is very busy at the moment. That’s basically why there was no Friday Fun this week – even though I had plenty of gems to share. Turns out co-ordinating the Twitter stream and questions within an academic theology conference leaves little time for blogging. Who’d have thought it…

But it’s Monday, and surely that merits some fun?

Firstly, some Disney, because everyone loves a bit of Disney, don’t they? The animators at Disney are a clever bunch – it turns out they’ve been referencing characters from other Disney films for years and I, for one, never noticed. Here are fifteen examples, some are a bit too recent for me, but I did appreciate Sebastian from the Little Mermaid with the Genie in Aladdin:

Sebastian in Aladdin

Disney films are great, obviously, but what happens to the characters afterwards? Is it all happy endings? The following video combines ‘what happened next?’ with the classic YouTube art of one person singing several parts with themselves. [Amusingly, I discovered this on Friday morning and noted it for Friday Fun. By Friday afternoon, someone had posted it on my timeline as a suggestion for Friday Fun – thanks John!]

Next up, the obligatory Friday Fun TfL references. Thanking my friend Jenni for her regular emails/tweets regarding the underground, thus providing me with pretty consistent fodder! Firstly, a fascinating article from the Guardian about the strange absence of the tube from art and literature. (I don’t quite agree with the thrust of the article, but it’s interesting nonetheless.) Secondly, Jenni wasn’t sure if she’d dreamed this, but it turns out that last week’s Friday Night is Music Night was indeed a London Transport special. Mind the Gap – a musical tour of London’s Underground will be on iPlayer till Friday. Talking of “mind the gap”, here’s a delightful story about the voice behind the most famous TfL public safety announcement. It elicited an “awwwww” from me while on board a packed commuter train, so consider yourself warned.

Finally, some thing rather retro that’s a joy for several reasons. Firstly, it’s Victoria Wood and she’s a comedy legend, especially in my family. I dug out this video as a means of cheering up my mother when she was under the weather last week, as it’s a family favourite. At a very young age my sister and I were both able to do our own renditions of various Wood sketches – and we especially loved ‘Kimberley’. In watching this one, I realised it was also where our family catchphrase “Red cabbage – how much? Red cabbage? No idea!” came from (obviously, I knew it was a Wood-ism, but hadn’t realised it was this particular sketch). It’s not just worth watching for its comedy value (and the fact that it should lead you into a treasure-trove of Wood wonder), it also contains glimpses of celebrities as they looked 20 years ago, which is fun. (To get you started, my spots included Julie Walters, Clare Rayner and French & Saunders…) It has to be said, now that I’m a proper grown up, I’m beginning to realise just why my father had his reservations about us being such huge Victoria Wood fans while we were still at primary school!

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