After months and months of trailing this event, hyping it up to be something that really isn’t that exciting in the grand scheme of things, here it is –

At work on lizclutterbuck.comAn early iteration of the site, back in May last year…

I’m very happy. There is whiteness, there is space, there are no annoying Blogger quirks, there is purple, and there is artistry (well, a little bit). There’s still some work to do from my point of view, though only because I’m rather OCD when it comes to presentation. The old Blogger content has been imported successfully, but there are some quirks and issues – like the absence of embedded YouTube videos, lost formatting and absence of links to other posts. But, that’s going to be an ongoing project for me in moments of quiet or extreme boredom. The most important thing is that all the content is here, and from now on things are going to look a lot better! Besides, I had to have it live in time for an important event that takes place on February 13th, so I didn’t have too much time to waste. (Consider that to be a mysterious plug…)

Obviously, this is not my own work. I am very lucky to have a few friends who earn money from web design and one of them – Andy Moore of Andy Moore Creative Services (creative company name, no?) – offered to do this for me pro bono. (I say pro bono, there have been meals, bottles of wine, occasional use of my spare room and the odd piece of paid work I’ve thrown his way, so it’s a fairly fair deal.) He has been a joy to work with, never mocking me too much for my lack of technical knowledge; indulging my whims; and working out what I wanted from very vague descriptions. Thanks Andy, I very much appreciate all your hard work!

So, have an explore. Give me your feedback. And most of all, bear with me as I work out the quirks and overcome my OCD.


PS – If you happen to link to me from your blog, would you be able to do me a favour and update the link? I’d hate for people to miss out. Does that make me vain?

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