This morning, the Tearfund blogging team (#tfbloggers) was interviewed on UCB radio. Well, not actually this morning – we did a pre-record on Friday afternoon – but it was broadcast today. I got landed with a couple of questions that required some thinking on my feet, included one that asked what I was expecting to find when I got to Uganda.

The honest answer is that I have no idea! I’ve watched Tearfund’s videos from Ogongora; I’ve read articles written there; I’ve chatted with people who’ve been to Uganda (or even live there); last weekend I watched the only film I could think of that’s set there (The Last King of Scotland)… I’m prepared, but am I expectant?

In the interview, I said that I had an open mind and I really do. I’m not sure that I’ve ever travelled anywhere without one (except places like New York and LA which I think have expectations imposed by popular culture). It’s not that I have low expectations either, I simply don’t know what to expect – and that’s a good thing! I have no agenda other than to make the most of an experience that’s undoubtedly a massive privilege to have.

Are expectations bad? Is going without any simply foolish? Am I just trying to avoid disappointment?

OgongoraOgongora (photo from here)

Actually, I do have expectations:

I expect to be overwhelmed at the beauty of a continent I’ve never visited before.
I expect to be shocked by some of what I witness.
I expect to be inspired by the people I meet and the stories I hear.
I expect to return changed.

To be honest, I think those expectations are ok and I’m pretty sure they’ll be exceeded…

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