Colour your world

It’s difficult to talk of Africa without using terribly overused clichés. I’ll try not to, but do forgive me if I don’t quite manage it…

Last night we disembarked our (late arriving) flight down steps into the warm night air. My body breathed in the warmth as only a British soul in the middle of February can, and I took in the sights and smells of Uganda.

Nearly 24 hours later, we still haven’t actually reached the project we’ve come here to visit. In fact, we’ve spent pretty much all day in a car travelling to Soroti, the town that will be our base until Sunday. But that doesn’t mean we haven’t seen anything. In fact, you see an awful lot of Ugandan life just by spending several hours on the roads from Entebbe, to Kampala and onwards to Jinga, Mbale and finally Soroti.

[Warning: cliché ahead!]
What struck me most was the colour. Seriously London, stop being all about the grey and the dismal and get some colour going! For a little while, I was slightly confused that shops had adverts above them that bore no relation to the contents sold within, then I realised that it was simply advertising space – and it’s gorgeous. Well, perhaps ‘gorgeous’ is the wrong word, it’s striking.

Colour Your World

Then there’s the bikes. Well, less of the bikes/motorbikes themselves and more what people manage to carry on them….

Bed on a bikeFrom the functional – bed…

Painting on a bike…to the ridiculous – a large piece of art. (I tried for ages to get this!!)

Even the more functional day-to-day aspects of life bring colour to the world. Driving along after 4pm, we came across swarm after swarm of school children, mostly clad in the most colourful uniforms I’ve seen in a long time. I’d just woken up from a nap when I made this realisation and was too slow to dig out my camera. But fellow blogger Dave got this rather lovely shot of purple school children winding their way up the road:

School Kids - Dave Walker

So forgive me, London, if when I return I paint the capital in a beautiful rainbow. Let’s colour the world, properly!


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