Friday Fun with allergies, Christians and puppies

I’m counting down until I finally see Les Mis, but there’s still another 11 days to go. It’ll be worth the wait though, as I’ll be with longtime musical companion Morven and we’ll be experiencing IMAX for the first time. In the mean time I’m satisfying my French musical desires by essay writing while accompanied by the score and trawling the internet for tributes. After the genius of the wedding flash mob discovered two weeks ago, I thought it would be hard to find something that compared, until I discovered One Grain More. Yep, that’s a food allergy themed version of One Day More

Where it wins – aside from the comic puns and references to ‘Epipen’ (as opposed to Eponine) – is in the voices of the cast. Like the wedding flash mob, they’re awesome singers, and you can’t do Les Mis without the voices.

Continuing the costume drama theme, my Monday morning Twitter feed has revealed that Americans are now getting season 3 of Downton Abbey on a Sunday night. In their honour and as a tribute to fabulous Dame Maggie winning a Golden Globe last week, here are the Lady Dowager’s finest moments. (She is, officially, the best thing about Downton.)

Next, how about some inspirational reading – you know, much like Victor Hugo’s work of genius? Or, how about the 12 worst Christian book covers of 2012? [Have patience with that site’s rather weird design, it’s worth it!] We all know that Christian publishers can sometimes make ill-advised artistic decisions and there are some crackers from last year. This was a favourite:

Not only is that an awful cover, it has also revealed to me that there is such a thing as ‘heartwarming inspirational romance’ books! From what I can see, many of such books seem to involve cowboys (#2 on the list was another example) and a lot of soft-focus. Christian romance books?? Who’d have thought it…

While on the subject of Christian romance, here is a ridiculous video parodying the things Christian girls say, particularly in relation to relationships (“where is my Boaz?!?”; “she has a real Jezabel spirit!”; “let me be an Esther”…). I would like to say that I have never said any of these phrases, but there is a small possibility I might have said one or two (and I am a very big fan of journalling). However, it is utterly hilarious:

Finally, because cute animals are the epitome of Friday Fun, here is the cutest dog video you might ever see. Yes, I realise the internet was created for cats, but I am a dog person and this is awesome. Watch a grown up dog teach a puppy how to come down the stairs…

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