Farewell 2012

My mother has tweeted to complain about my lack of blogging over the holiday season, so I feel compelled to post something before the year is out. (Ironically, I suspect she might also have complained had I spent much of the four days we had together at Christmas with my face behind a screen, chronicling our adventures.) In fact, since I returned from the shire, I’ve been busy…

Well, not that busy. I’ve had the flat to myself; an edict against any form of healthy eating (until tomorrow); a stash of iPlayered Christmas goodies; a season of Glee; and a sudden passion to cover the flat’s walls with pictures. (Oh, and the small matter of two essays.) All in all, not a bad way to spend a few days of solitude.

And like that, the end of the year is upon us! The New Year’s Eve grinch has firmly taken hold of me this year, and I see little point in ridiculous celebrations, but it seems appropriate to reflect upon the year on which the sun is currently setting. Reviews of the year can be a little bit dull, but perhaps I can liven it up a bit? Or, perhaps I will just deliberately be dull and write mine in the style of a round-robin Christmas letter? This year I reached the grown-up landmark of receiving my very first one in the post (from San Diego in fact – and it was not in the least bit dull), but did also get to read the basket of epistles that my parents receive on an annual basis.

The 2012 Firsts – more of them anon too…

Ok, I tried writing a round-robin style thing and it didn’t go anywhere. Either I’m spectacularly dull, or the fact that I write a blog completely defeats the point of writing one! I did say to someone the other day that if/when I reach that stage of life, I’ll just put a hyperlink in my Christmas cards. Perhaps it’s simply worth collating a few of my favourite things from 2012? (I’m currently watching The Sound of Music – it inspired a particularly insipid paragraph of my letter.) Follow the links if you care to, that’s where the interesting stuff will be…

Favourite birthday party:
Celebrating my mother’s own diamond jubilee the same weekend as the Queen’s – complete with surprise guests and a trip to the Titanic dockyard. (Oh yes, I know how to have a great time!)

Favourite treasure hunt experience:
The eggs. How we loved the eggs. Sure, the Olympic trail with mascots Mandeville & Wenlock was fun (especially when playing the Statue Game) but the eggs were an eggcellent obsession.

Favourite overseas adventure:
One word: Texas. Yes, there have also been three trips to France, but Texas exceeded all expectations and yielded one experience that is still, 6 months on, my highlight of the year – lying in the rapids at Mo Ranch contemplating the world.

Favourite international sporting event that took place in London:
There’s not much that can beat Wimbledon in my world, but the Olympics (and Paralympics) beat it hollow this year. I was nearly in tears the other day watching The 50 Greatest Olympic Moments, such were the memories it evoked. Simply an amazing summer.

Favourite ‘Church of England makes a massive mistake’ moment:
This might seem like an odd favourite thing, but however ridiculous the women bishops vote was, the aftermath has proved to be very interesting (and there’s a whole other blog post on this subject that’ll be posted in the new year).

Favourite instance of sharing space with a celebrity:
Sure, I’ve shared a tipi with JLS; a branch of Leon with Simon Mayo; an auditorium with literary greats; watched Lady Grantham’s (Downton) band play; and was sat behind Victoria Coren at HIGNFY, but the winner has to be watching Robert Redford being interviewed in front of me during a live Wittertainment broadcast. Robert Redford = film royalty.

Favourite day of acting like a child, despite being 31:
Harry Potter day. Utterly no contest.

It’s been great, but already 2013 looks set to be exciting – but more of that tomorrow. For now, let’s remember what’s made 2012 wonderful and rejoice in it.

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