2012 Firsts

All the things I ‘achieved’ for the first time in 2012:

Eaten at Bill’s Cafe
Drunk at the Milk Bar, Soho
Consumed a Lemon Meringue Cupcake
Had dinner at Leon
Participated in a WADs viewing
Watched a film at the Soho Curzon
Been a member of the audience at BBC TV Centre
Watched Room 101 being recorded
Watched a play at the Vaudeville Theatre
Eaten at the Saville Club
Given a talk at an Alpha Course
Preached at St George’s
Led 7am prayers
Been to a KCL GMS performance
Had a haircut at Hair by Fairy
Led a morning service at St George’s
Visited Claridges
Held a Fabergé egg
Worshipped at St Margaret Lothbury
Stayed at Wydale Hall
Visited the new bit of Broadcasting House
Heard Roxanne Emery perform live
Watched Sadie & the Hotheads play
Travelled to Paris solo
Drunk ginger rum
Watched The Princess Bride
Attended the HTB Leadership Conference
Spent time in the same room as Tony Blair
Flown with Aer Lingus
Given a keynote address at a conference
Flown Delta
Visited Atlanta airport
Drunk frozen margarita(s)
Drunk frozen sangria(s)
Eaten a kolache
Had a pedicure
Eaten shrimp
Visited San Antonio & Detroit airports
Stayed in Mablethorpe
Experienced Focus
Attended a BBC Prom
Danced at a silent disco
Participated in a Google+ Hangout
Studied at St Jude’s
Had a (non-dental) x-ray
Run a Student Alpha course
Played mafia
Preached at St Mellitus
Baked pecan pie
Listened to the General Synod livestream
Played Musical Bingo
Had an MRI scan
Visited the Royal Academy of Art
Conducted the St George’s Christmas Choir
Munched at Theoc House in Tewksbury
Drunk Spiced Apple & Rhubarb Magners

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