The etiquette of getting into a car, as a lady…

Living in London, one doesn’t spend a lot of time in cars. I spend a lot of time at bus stops, on buses, in tube trains and pounding the pavements, but in cars? Not so much.

Apparently, travelling in a car is such a novelty in my life that I no longer know how to use them properly. (As a passenger, obviously. I still have no clue as to how a car is driven.) Let me demonstrate this, by sharing an utterly mortifying story from today…

My friend Shannon has use of a hire car this week, which is jolly exciting and meant that I was transported from a Sunday lunch gathering to a Matryroshka Haus communications meeting without the need of public transport. The car was parked in Canary Wharf and I was left to get into the car by myself while Shannon and Andy went to sort out paying for the parking.

The lift to the car park provided an excellent opportunity for a continuation of my reflective photography obsession.

I opened the front passenger door, pulled the lever to move the seat out of the way and attempted to climb into the backseat. I put the lack of space in which to do this down to my own ineptitude at dealing with car seats, and struggled on, thanking the heavens that no one was witnessing my acrobatics. Once launched into the car, my bottom didn’t quite make the seat and I ended up briefly wedged in the gap between the front and back seats. Thankfully I managed to right myself and by the time my friends returned, I was buckled in and happily munching Minstrels.

As they got into the car, I started to share my exploits – but hadn’t got very far when Shannon opened a door at the back of the driver’s side and I realised that her hire car wasn’t a 3 door as I’d presumed but a 5 door with incredibly accessible backseats. I burst out laughing and told my sorry tale. I was laughed at and then informed that at least those watching the security cameras would have got a laugh.

This is indeed true and reminded me of a video I spotted this morning which is a feelgood little something with which to kick off the new week:

I’m not sure why this video is named ‘Shocking’ – it isn’t shocking at all, simply a glimpse of the nicer things in life that security cameras pick up. Big Brother isn’t always bad…

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