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First up for your delectation this week is a Tumblr that is both cool and a little creepy. If We Don’t, Remember Me ‘is a gallery of living movie stills, opened since october 2010’. It’s a little creepy in that the very nature of the GIF’s is that they often involve a seemingly still character suddenly turning round and staring at you. Possibly not something to be explored when your screen is your only source of light.

Given that the GIF below is from The Shining, it’s actually surprisingly non-creepy! Many of the stills are from films that are rather niche, but I figured this one might be more familiar…

Continuing a vague photography theme, there’s little more exciting than discovering street art in the grey urban sprawl of a city. The problem is, such joys are difficult and time consuming to find, so fortunately the lovely people behind Street Art Utopia have done an excellent job of compiling many of the best around the world. It’s definitely a website in which you could lose an hour or two – my particular favourite was a creative use of Lego:
Combining the joy of public art and my love of pubic transport, can you imagine my delight when someone posted a link to a story about a Versailles-inspired decoration of an RER train in Paris?! Formidable! Apparently one train’s been done already and another four are planned – so look out for them the next time you’re travelling on a RER C train. (That’s the train that goes from central Paris to Versailles. Suddenly I understand the point of this exercise…) 

If you prefer your Friday Fun to be of a more text-based, literary bent – may I recommend Tales of Ridiculous Things That Happen to me Far Too Often? I like this blog for two reasons:
(i) I, also, have ridiculous things happening to me on a regular basis – so this blog makes me feel a lot less alone in the world.
(ii) The things are actually ridiculous and may make you laugh out loud.
I gain solace from the fact that I have never got stuck in a tiny window while trying to break in to a friend’s house; nor have I caused a man to have a bloody lip thanks to my hula-hooping antics; and I definitely have never got stuck in an under-the-bed drawer. But bless her, the unnamed author has done all of these and brought joy to the internet by sharing them.
Finally, because it wouldn’t be Friday without a musical contribution – and because this gem brings us full circle back to the theme of Films – here’s an interpretation of Baby Got Back, sung by the characters from myriad movies:


  1. It makes me so happy to see the correct usage of ‘myriad’. One of the many reasons I like you!

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