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There’s no doubt what the highlight of my non-working week has been – four words: Great. British. Bake. Off. Sadly, this highlight took place with the highlight of my working week (launching the Central London Student Alpha course – a project I’ve been working on since April), meaning I couldn’t watch it live. Instead, I watched it (free Krispy Kreme from the launch in hand) when I got home at 10pm. It had to be watched immediately, as otherwise social media would tell me the winner and spoil the joy. [Yes, I stayed off Twitter till I’d watched it. Addicted? Clearly not.]

My intern lodger had never seen an episode, but she was in the room and got sucked in by my exclamations and the baking puns. Quickly, I appraised her of who had to win (anyone but Brendan) and ran down key baking moments from the last 9 weeks. At the end, she asked quite an astute question: “So, what does the winner win, other than that trophy?” The beauty of GBBO is that yes, that is all they win – no £million baking contract; no job in a patisserie – just the honour of being the best amateur baker in Britain that year. What else do you need? Talking this over with my sister, we mused that it’s unlikely such a concept would work in America, it really seems to be a uniquely British competition (heck, the final takes place in the context of a village fete!).

All this is an exceptionally long preamble to this week’s first piece of fun – a video representation of what a Hollywood version of GBBO might look like. Genius.

One of the reasons why GBBO is so successful is the fact that anyone and everyone can or does bake. Sure, I might be incapable of completing most (probably all) of the technical challenges, but I do love to bake and now take greater care over my work, imagining what Paul and Mary might say about it.

Something else we can all relate to is the comforting power of a hot beverage. Some might choose to express their personality via their mug choices – but how about doing it via a mug-warmer?
I’ll leave you to work out which might be most appropriate for me.
Let’s just say I don’t do mornings… 

It’s more than possible that you might have seen the next piece of fun, but the moment I saw it (on Wednesday) I knew it had to be in Friday’s Fun – given as it incorporates one of my favourite Friday Fun components: periods, and the fools they make of us.

So, first, you need to read this Facebook comment:

And then you need – NEED – to watch the response from Bodyform. (And watch it right to the end – trust me!)

Finally, two pieces of London themed fun – because we all know that London simply is the best city in the world. Firstly, a Tumblr that every London should resonate with – #WhenInLondon. It’s a collection of GIFs (what is it with them at the moment?!) that express the emotion of various situations Londoners find themselves in. Here are a few that resonated with me:

‘Oh we’ve all thought about doing it’

(That one’s especially for Mim.)
Lastly, something that could keep you amused for the rest of the weekend – a brilliant picture containing  lots of representations of tube stations (thanks to Time Out).
Obviously, you’re going to want to click and enlarge that.

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