A recipe for pointedness


1 part cement
1 part lime
6 parts soft sand
+ enough washing-up liquid infused water to make a thick paste

1. Colour match your cement to ensure a good fit with the stone’s colour and previous mortar.
2. Using chisels and hammers, chip out the old mortar from between bricks to a depth of approximately 1.5 inches. Brush away excess dust to leave a dry, clean surface.
3. In a large wheelbarrow, mix the dry ingredients together using a spade.
4. Gradually add the liquid (via a watering can), combining it thoroughly with the dry mixture. Be careful not to over water it – like making icing, this is a fine art.
5. The resulting mixture can then be placed upon palettes and inserted into cracks between the masonry using a trowel, gloved hand, or (in extreme circumstances) bare fingers. [Devices for piping your mixture into fancy patterns and awkward angles are available, but this is only for advanced bakers.]
6. Results can be mixed and techniques for application do vary. Find your own technique and (in the words of Mary Poppins) snap! The job’s a game!

Don’t forget to fully equip yourself with safety materials.
(And it helps if you can find a comfy nook from which to chisel.)

Can you tell the difference between the newly repointed and old mortar?

And thus, Cathers, Lindsey and I became known as The Pointer Sisters. (A joke made by three different men; independently of each other; to each own’s great amusement.) We were so excited, we just couldn’t hide it…

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