When good neighbours become good friends

There is nothing like a trip down memory lane, or a memory cul de sac in this specific instance. There is also little that can compare to a nostalgic DVD boxset. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been indulging in both, via the re-discovery of Neighbours: Iconic Episodes Volume 1 (owned for a good few years) and the purchase of Neighbours: Defining Moments (purchased for £3.99 via Amazon). [I’d have bought Iconic Moments Volume 2 too, but at £11.99, it felt less of a justifiable impulse buy.]

Any self-respecting British child of the 1980s should understand why this was such a nostalgia-fest. I’m just a bit too young to have watched the show from the start, but my 8 year old self was caught up in the Charlene & Scott/Kylie & Jason bubble. [First album owned: Kylie’s Enjoy Yourself. Not ashamed of this.] I can tell you exactly where I was when Daphne died (my friend Frances’ house – I also caught nits that day) and when Kery died (my parents’ bedroom, via our black & white portable, with my mother’s cell group friends’ offspring) and, more recently, when Madge died (2nd year university house share, while eating a fishfinger sandwich). [Yes. My memory is stupidly good at remembering these utterly inconsequential details. It’s terrifying.]

The daily 1.45pm airing of Neighbours became my default lunchtime while I was a student (or on sick days). It was (still is, sometimes) a major reason for texts between me, my sister and our next-door neighbour [how apt!]. Neighbours was how we learned about Australia and many life events – such as the fact that everyone hit by cars will die, but not until they’ve had a rallying moment in which they can communicate an important detail to their nearby loved-one. Once I’d left home, it became a daily piece of comfort-blanket viewing.

In the last two weeks I’ve watched approximately 30 episodes. I’ve retreated to the perms of the 1980s and witnessed several meringue dominated weddings; there have been dramatic births (involving picnics, ice cream vans and stables); got excited about glimpses of now-successful Hollywood actors (Alan Dale, Guy Pearce & Jesse Spencer to name but a few); and hunted Wikipedia for information to fill in the gaps. Bliss.

There really is nothing like a jovial promotional photo…

So, if next time you see me I’m sporting a spiral perm, a pair of dungarees and raising my intonation at the end of each sentence, you’ll understand why…


  1. Oh the nostalgia. I am not too young to have been there first time around. I can remember the moment I chanced upon this innocuous programme (I was in Boyfriend’s room, now Husband.) I made a note with myself to catch up with those neighbours again as soon as I could.

  2. LOVE it. Have to get me that box set!

  3. It’s so addictive! But I have to say, I don’t think it’s anywhere near as good these days…

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