Top quality Friday Fun

This week, I feel my fun offering is of slightly higher quality than it sometimes is. Regardless of quality, there is definitely quantity – so if you’re sat at your desk desperately urging the clock to move faster towards 5pm, there should be something here to amuse you for quite a while.

Firstly, a piece of fun that I can’t actually vouch for entirely. On Monday, the Guardian published a list of the ten funniest Tumblrs. Such is my pace of life that I’ve not had chance to explore them properly (despite the tab having been open for four days), but one has jumped out at me.  Notes to my Future Husband is simply genius (and occasionally a little crass in language, but we’re ok with that, aren’t we?). My entire blog is essentially a manual for my future husband, but this Tumblr is a little more pithy. Here are some gems that amused me:

That latter one is a bit of a running in-joke – but I wholeheartedly agree with it.

Of the others, People Who is definitely worth a look (you’ll be nodding earnestly within seconds); I Love Charts has to be a good ‘un – after all, do we not all love charts? Oh, and there’s an obligatory animal one – Animals Doing People Things. Ok, all of them are probably good – that’ll be why the Guardian chose them! 
Continuing the ’10 things’ theme, here’s something a little more niche. I don’t know about you, but I love ice skating (watching, not doing it) and therefore a Hairpin article entitled ‘The 10 Greatest Figure Skaters Who Never Won an Olympic Medal’, delighted me. Not only is the article full of fascinating ice skating facts, but it’s accompanied by YouTube footage of routines, which basically means that there’s over an hour of skating to be watched. Isn’t that simply blissful? I love those dedicated Hairpinners! 
Finally, a discovery I made last night courtesy of a friend on Facebook whose daughter occasionally features in it – Miriam’s Daily Adventures, a webcomic by Miriam Kendrick. I love a good webcomic/cartoon [see xkcd and Cartoon Church for starters] and I really like people who view the world in a similar way to me. Sometimes xkcd’s geeky science stuff goes way over my head – which is not an issue with Miriam’s work. I give you a recent series on Nutella as an example: 

I suspect you may now be cursing me for triggering a Nutella craving that will last the rest of the day. I am not apologetic for this. *Cackles evilly.*

Actually, that’s not the end. If you’re feeling really unmotivated at this point of the week, let this small American child give you a pep talk:


  1. Becki B says:

    You. Totally. Suck.
    I made the mistake of following the link to Miriam’s comic, and not only did I get sucked into her archives, but she linked to her fave comics as well… subsequently, my day had been sucked into an internet vortex.
    It’s your fault.
    P.s. I think I love her.

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