Snow is falling, all around me…

As snow falls from the London skies a mere five days after its last appearance, it feels like an apt moment to share some of this year’s snowy fun. (After all, there’s no fun like snow fun…)

In comparison to the last few years, this year’s snow has been rather pathetic – at least as far as central London’s concerned. However, this doesn’t appear to have disappointed my Norwegian flatmates. Since they arrived in August, they’ve been keenly anticipating the white stuff, which is odd, given as they must get plenty of it back home. But it seemed appropriate that when it finally did descend, we all happened to be at home. (Yes, Saturday night is rock and roll in the Frederick Street household!)

Their reactions were amusing in their own ways. I was busy making cupcakes, but once I realised it was settling, I sat at one of our (many) windows to watch the flakes and the people. Female Norwegian squealed in excitement that the snow was “just like Bridget Jones!” – her favourite film, on which she has based most of her time in the capital (apart from forays to Notting Hill). Initially, I was a little concerned that her reaction to the snow would involve her running into the street clad only in a vest, pants and a granny-cardigan…she didn’t. (Luckily. King’s Cross would not be a place to do that!)

You’ve got to admit, that could be a scene from a Richard Curtis movie.

Male Norwegian on the other hand was all about the art. Snow = fantastic photography opportunity, obviously. Off he disappeared for almost an hour, until I began to wonder just how interesting snow in the dark could be. It seemed I had cause to be concerned when he returned and posted the following Facebook status:
“It’s funny how angry drivers can get when you are laying face down in the snow in the middle of the street, trying to capture that special picture.”

When I questioned him, it emerged that there had been a leaf on the road…obviously that’s worth risking death for! 
Personally, I’d been looking forward to snow in my new neighbourhood. How better to view Dickens’ one-time street than under a Dickensian blanket of snow? Even better, a snowy Sunday morning required a walk through the prettiest part to get to church. I left early (miracle) to get some camera action in…
 Current street; street I’ll be living on from June; church; Queen’s Square

Even better, the snow didn’t scupper my weekly walk home (all 5 miles of it) from Vicar School on Monday. It’s a highlight of the week – a good workout that lasts almost exactly as long as the Wittertainment podcast – and I was worried that snow and ice would make it unfeasible. Even better, though there was little evidence of ice in South Ken, the fields of Hyde Park were still snow-covered, meaning that my wearing of the wellies of joy was finally justified. It was rather pretty…

A frozen Serpentine, beginning to crack.

Sunset over the snow…

However, as pretty as it was, I was relieved to see that most of the streets were quickly ice-free. I have absolutely no patience for prolonged periods of time where falling flat on my backside is a high probability. Thus, I’m hoping the current flurry settles, but only for as long as it takes me to take more photos, build a snowman and have a good snowball fight. Not much to ask, surely?


  1. a seen, a scene……?

  2. You win!

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