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Something I’m trying to ignore this week is the fact that, although it’s half-term at Vicar School, the other half of my life (i.e. the church job half) is very busy. So busy in fact, that I had to turn down an invitation to Texas. As four friends jetted off there over the last few days, I have to admit to being just a tad jealous.

But half-term does at least mean a free Monday, which happily coincided with my mother paying a visit to my sister. A day-trip to Oxford seemed like a good way to spend some quality time together, especially as we designated it a ‘Laurel day’ – a day named after a family friend with whom days out invariably involve travelling from cafe to cafe and a lot of cake. We got in some culture at the Ashmolean (though there was little point in staying long as its cafe was shut), consumed tea and a pastry, visited the covered market, ate lunch, shopped a little, and walked through some colleges. All in all, I think you’d agree, a very cultured day…

You know you’re in Oxford when even the street names get educational:

One of the best things about Oxford is its covered market (location of the original Ben’s Cookies and a eat-in Pie Minister). A gem of a shop is cake decorating related, with windows full of impressive creations. I decided that its creation of the Bodleian could be an excellently apt wedding cake, but that a comparison with the original was essential:

In case you can’t tell, the cake’s on the left…

The last time the three of us went on a cultural adventure, it was our weekend in Paris. There we created the ever-fun statue game, so it was great to have another opportunity to play it. Sadly, there were few opportunities, save this one in the (very quiet) courtyard of the Bodleian: 

It always seems as though people are trying to find a deeper meaning to everything in the city of dreaming spires – even the graffiti:

I’ll leave that last one to your own interpretation…


  1. Ha! It’s so true! All the graffiti is worryingly high brow. Also defo agree on the food choices in the covered market, Pie Minister and Ben’s Cookies are a frequent Saturday destination of mine! A tip though – last time I got a Ben’s cookie it was so warm that I did a comedy ‘throwing cookie in the air cartoon fall’ and was COVERED up to the elbow in chocolate. It is testament to their greatness that they gave me a free replacement (and lots of napkins!)!!

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