There’s been a strange culinary phenomenon in recent years of adding popping candy to various products. Once upon a time it was a substance only available in small, foiled packets – bought illicitly as it was rather frowned upon by my parents – and you’d have contests to see how much you could fit in your mouth without your head exploding.

I think it was the Willy Wonka brand that first thought of putting it in chocolate, but eventually Cadbury’s got in on the act, creating a truly magical combination of Dairy Milk and Popping Candy (they knew it was magical, hence naming it ‘Magical Elves’). Being only 25p and 75 calories, they became a staple of long, focus-group related train journeys. Then came Terry’s Chocolate Orange segments with added explosives, and the genius at the Hummingbird Bakery who decided to put it in frosting…

The Lemonade Cupcake – lemon sponge & lemon, popping candy frosting

…ah, the Soda Cupcake range. Absolutely inspired. I tried the popping candy trick myself earlier this year – it’s a cunning one for adding the element of surprise to your baking. (The trick is to add the candy right before you frost the cakes, otherwise it’s liable to pop too much.) Watching people take their first bite unwarned is utterly priceless.

But this week, the world of popping candy [incidentally, do you know how many times I’ve accidentally typed ‘pooping candy’ in this post?!] reached a new high (or low, depending upon your opinion). In the condiments section of Sainsbury’s, I made a surprising discovery:

Yup, that’s chocolate spread with popping candy. (It was on a shelf that also contained chocolate orange, chocolate mint, chocolate caramel and chocolate coconut spreads – Sainsbury’s have cornered the cocoa based toast accompaniment market.) I was intrigued and it was only £1.69, so I bought it. 
This morning, I finally (well, it had been all of three days) got to try it – other than the initial spoonful I consumed on getting it home. Turns out, when spreading onto a hot base, the substance is liable to begin popping before you’ve got it into your mouth, which makes for an interesting food preparation process. It’s also an interesting – but not unpleasant – consumption process. In fact, anyone who fancies trying it is more than welcome to pop round for breakfast in the next few weeks. Be quick though, I don’t imagine it’s going to stick around for long… 


  1. I am very excited by this!
    Heston does a chocolate torte that you can buy in Waitrose with it in too.

  2. Came across your blog by chance & wow, so excited by this… Guess what I’m looking for on my next trip to Sainsbury’s??? Lol x

  3. Came across your blog by chance (looking for a recipe for popping candy frosting) & wow, guess what I’m looking for on my next visit to Sainsbury’s?! Great blog x

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