Firsts but not lasts (possibly)

According to my list, there are 80 things that I did for the first time in 2011. [The observant of you will notice that I counted 79 in Tuesday’s post. I remembered one while writing this one.] In all probability there were more than this, but some would have been too tedious to list (yes, even more tedious than ‘drunk a Corona’) and some – like my trip to Paris – contained multiple firsts that were too numerous to list in their entirety.

Because I’m still a researcher at heart, I’m going to do a little evaluation and comparison with the 2010 list. Checking the 2011 version of this post, I see that I listed 78 2010 Firsts (in the mysteriously named ‘clean’ version) and then classified them according to type. So here’s an evaluation of 2011’s Firsts:

  • Again, 14 were food/drink related (it seems I am a creature of habit). I did make a point of noting new places in which I’d eaten, which is an excellent pursuit as it means you remember good places to go.
  • Seven were geographical (i.e. new places – towns and suchlike visited).
  • Many were cultural (I lost track of what exactly I was counting as ‘cultural’) – museums, BBC recordings, plays, concerts – actually, it was with the latter that I got stuck. A concert at King’s Place was definitely a cultural experience, but was Take That at Wembley? 
  • There were 13 items in my Firsts for 2011 list. I definitely did four of them and kind of did a couple of others. Some were total failures – I didn’t have a single driving lesson in 2011, let alone contemplate either of the tests; and I didn’t visit a new country (though I did go to France thrice). 
2011 Firsts photographically & chronologically
[It took me more time to get those flipping photos in order than it did to write this post. 
Yes. I am that anal.]
Like last year, my biggest achievement was dance related. In 2010 I did tap dancing at Pineapple Studios, in 2011 it was ballet in Putney. I loved it and honestly, if the classes hadn’t been way beyond my level, in Putney and on Saturdays, I’d have totally been up for continuing. Last term I fully intended to take Beginners’ Ballet at the local dance school, but sadly it clashes with my home group night this year. But I still have my shoes (and a growing collection of Black Swan inspired leg warmers) so I’m all set. 
Actually, walking the Thames Path was possibly a bigger achievement in terms of physical exertion – never have I been so tired! But it, and the training involved, were definitely a contributing factor to my new found obsession with walking everywhere I possibly can. Friends in the East End find my passion for walking 5 miles to Bow utterly mental, but it’s something I’ve been doing almost once a week lately. 
Oh, and then there was Paris! And the rest of the French firsts – which all totally make up for not getting to a new country this year. Who wouldn’t have their first sight of the Eiffel Tower on a list of the year’s highlights? Not to mention learning how to scaffold in French… 
This year’s also marked several lifestyle firsts – a first sermon at St Mary’s; first job in a church; first term at Vicar School; first Macbook; my first experience of living in King’s Cross – none of which I could have put on a list at the beginning of the year. 
Like I said the other day, the project’s carrying on – in fact, I already have two Firsts booked in for next week – and I’m really pleased to see that other people have taken it up for this year too. Most excitingly of all, it’s not the case that the firsts are also lasts, so let 2012 also see plenty of seconds! 

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