The gift of new music

It’s great to be able to have fun for free and, fortunately, London provides more opportunities than you might think for such things. I’m a particular fan of free musical experiences, which often come courtesy of friends (or friends of friends) who happen to be in bands, or write music, or are just rather talented.

It’s especially good when free music turns up on your doorstep without you being required to make any effort in experiencing it. A couple of weeks ago my Tuesday afternoon at the church office was accompanied by the sound of a talented young man making a music video. [For one occasion only, I was able to use “I’m sorry, I can’t answer your phone call, there’s a music video being filmed in the church” as an excuse.] Such a scenario could have been awful, had the music been rubbish, but luckily it wasn’t – probably owing to the fact that he writes his music with our worship leader and my wise friend’s husband. Genii, the lot of them. One of the videos he filmed is below (both were covers), but there’s lots more of his material on his YouTube channel. I think the church looks rather good in them too…

I also rather like it when good music is in cahoots with a good cause. The Lorelles are fab and lovely generally, but the fact that they’re giving all the proceeds from their single Riot in Your Heart to the Ignito Project [for whom I walked the Thames Path earlier this year] is brilliant. I urge you to buy it…

Then there’s the joy of discovering brand new music while at the same time having a cracking night out and catching up with friends unseen for far too long. Monday was such a night, courtesy of MoRo’s launch of their debut album Slow River. They’re an interesting combination of Motown and rock (I’m beginning to see where their name might come from…) and also the performers of the best cow bell interlude I’ve ever witnessed.

Consider these recommendations an early Christmas present from me. You’re welcome.

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