Christmas Jumper Day

Today was a special day…
not because it was the first essay deadline of my Vicar School career;
nor because it was the last day of my first term;
but because today was officially designated ‘Christmas Jumper Day’.

I’ve never owned a Christmas Jumper before, but have on several occasions bought one for my sister (it’s an essential component of her Christmas list). Early on in life at Vicar School, Christmassy jumpers became something of a theme – enough for there to be a little group of jumper wearers while we were in France. At our last residential, more jumpers appeared and there was much discussion over Twitter as to who was acquiring jumpers and from where. [Obvious displacement activity during essay writing time.] I acquired mine from *cough* Primark *cough* and went for the jumper-dress option, just to be different.

It’s become something of a craze amongst the 1st years – I suspect the rest of the college are looking on longingly thinking “just you wait, this time next year life won’t be so carefree…”. A 3rd year commented to me this morning that it was “very cute” to be able to recognise the 1st years (not at all patronising!).

Anyway, a photo opportunity was essential – though sadly three Christmas Jumper wearers were missing at this moment. Here are the results:

To quote a comment on Facebook – ‘Gap Christmas advert 2012’
 – I reckon vicars-to-be would be perfect models for Christmas apparel! 

Yep, these are the people that’ll be running churches across the country in a few years time. Terrifying thought, isn’t it?


  1. Liz – WHERE do you get nice ones from??? I have only found pointless and nasty ones…. You seem to be the fount of all knowledge on this front!? Richard.

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