When the Spirit moves through Jenga

A compulsory component of college residentials (aka #VicarWeekend) is the Saturday evening fellowship group meetings (also, cynically, known as forced friendship groups). These groups are a way of helping us get to know students from other years and other centres (of which there are two in addition to the one I go to). Nice idea and generally a nice concept – it’s just that the unnatural, forced element of it is always there.

Last Saturday our fellowship group leaders had two options for our time together:
(i) Play Jenga
(ii) Pray for each other
Being a holy huddle, the conclusion was to “play Jenga and see where the Spirit leads us”. It led us to a fairly unsuccessful first game and an incredibly successful second game – possibly the tensest I’ve ever played.

In case you’re not familiar with the concept, Jenga basically involves a lot of wooden bricks assembled into a tower. The aim is to remove bricks from the tower and place them at the top until the tower falls down and it’s great because there’s basically no winner – just one loser. (Handy for competitive types like me.) You can – as I discovered on Saturday – also up the tension by playing appropriate music as a soundtrack. O Fortuna from Carmina Burana (the X Factor judges’ music) worked rather well; while some tinny Christmas music simply made the situation more ridiculous than it was already.

Such fun!

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