Literary blog hop results & a gift to all bibliophiles

Last week’s giveaway is now closed.

I love blogs and I love books, so really what could go wrong with visiting 70ish book blogs and commenting in the hope of a free good read? Along the way I’ve found several that I’ll be returning to and it’s been great to hear that some fellow participants have been pleased to discover this one.

On to the subject of winners. The first commenter picked by the random number generator left their e-mail address, but it came back undeliverable, so I had to try again – and it came up with Louise, who doesn’t have a blog and who I think (judging by her e-mail) lives in the UK. Apparently 84 Charing Cross Road’s been on her wishlist forever so I’m very, very pleased to be able to send a copy her way!

As a gift to all the bibliophiles that didn’t win anything during the hop [incidentally, anyone else think that ‘blog hop’ sounds like a 1950s dance craze??], I’d like to share a rather wonderful site I found last night. Bookfessions gathers together fellow book lovers’ deepest, darkest secrets into an aesthetically pleasing Tumblr. Below are the ones that struck a chord with me, but there are hundreds…



  1. Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the giveaway…sorry it’s taken me a while to comment,my interwebs went down 🙁

    Thanks again! xx

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