Friday Fun with awesome people

Hallelujah for Friday Fun inspiration that arrives on a Monday – I know it’s going to be a good(ish) week when that happens. Thank you G2 at the Guardian for introducing me to: Awesome People Hanging Out Together.

The concept is a simple one and thus brilliant. It gathers together photos of celebrities hanging out with other celebrities, which may sound like an edition of Hello! or Now magazine, but is wonderful because of the bizarre or historic gatherings it depicts. Like Helen Keller meeting Charlie Chaplin, Snoop Dogg baking with Martha Stewart, and Salvador Dali with Walt Disney (that meeting could explain an awful lot…). Two of my favourites are below.

The first I love because it’s historic and truly a gathering of awesome people – Einstein, Marie Curie & Schrodinger to name but a few:

The second one grabbed me because it’s the kind of scenario that occurs during the best nights with the best friends – gathering around a piano to sing show songs. The fact that this particular gathering includes Jeff Goldblum on keys and Jane Lynch (aka Sue Sylvester, star of this week’s waterfall of tears inducing Glee episode) make it all the more surreal and fabulous. Plus, I think you’ll agree that this looks like a normal photo – the kind that would turn up on Facebook – and which Jane Lynch would most probably de-tag:
You know what else is awesome? The BBC, specifically their free tickets to show recordings. I’ve benefited from this a few times in the past – Just a Minute, Wittertainment (in fact, had it not been for a wedding I’d have made it to another of those 2 weeks ago), Have I Got News for You and then last night at The Now Show. Listening to them is fun, sure, but seeing it in the flesh is something else. 
In the case of The Now Show the visual highlight is undoubtedly Hugh Dennis’ mimes during the warm-up (well, that and discovering just how short little Jon Holmes is…). Fortunately, a few of them exist on YouTube, so I thought I’d share.
The classic and most viewed mime is his Veloceraptor – as seen on Mock the Week (ever wondered what a mime of a lassoed Raptor might look like?) and in this clip from Outnumbered

(I adore that clip for a whole host of reasons – firstly, it’s that perfect childhood moment of being allowed to stay up late; secondly, the kids’ reactions are totally natural; and thirdly, it’s very early Outnumbered when they were all very young. To the person who still has my copy of series 1, this is why you need to watch the rest of it!)

My favourite moment was Hugh pretending to be on the rings – you know, as in gymnastics – but sadly I couldn’t find a video of that. But I did find him ski jumping, which was also highly amusing – particularly the dismount:

See what you miss on the radio? But fear not, tonight’s episode (6.30pm, podcast available) is still hilarious. In the immediate aftermath of the recording neither of us could remember what had us nearly falling off our chairs with laughter, but on the way home I dimly recalled a gag about Daphne DuMaurier’s Rebecca (if that’s not niche Radio 4 humour, I don’t know what is!) and then vividly remembered a West Country Darth Vadar…superb.

Hope you have an awesome Friday!

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