So, there was this wedding…

Most impressive venue for a street party (possibly). 
Best uses of themed Union Jacks [From The Sun *shudder*.] 

Best ridiculous, yet wonderfully alcoholic, royal tie-in – ably modelled by Andy.

Best cupcake tie-ins 

Friday was quite the day. Deserted streets; the few people on them seen scurrying to the nearest TV; a cheerful tube; a sudden preference for red, white and blue clothes…surreal to say the least. Choosing to watch the event of the year at church in the company of lots of friends was an excellent move – as was simultaneously following proceedings on Twitter. 
Satire of the nuptials may have been banned, but that didn’t stop Tweeters from providing chuckle-worthy material at the most inappropriate moments. Below are just a few of my personal favourites:

Simon Schama discussing David Beckham, this will never happen again, embrace it.

A nod to the recession from the Royal Family who haven’t updated their car in 80 years. Come on, Liz, get a Twingo for about town.

Dress workers washed their hands every 30 mins to keep lace pristine & needles were renewed every 3 hours to keep them sharp & clean.

Mate, Middleton’s sister is hot…

That nun is a secret agent.

I wanna be a choir boy!

Will I stand for the national anthem? No. But I will air drum the timpani part. [I ended up having to stand – peer pressure from 300+ people gathered round me…]

Oh a new Rutter anthem? Just what the world needed…

A special mention has to go to Queen_UK who, as usual, was awesome. I loved her not one, but two, mentions of the King of Tonga and her running commentary was hilarious…

Text from Elton John: “I’m here”. Well, that’s a load off.
Royal iPhone to silent.
One does wish Nick Clegg would stop winking at me.
Feeling slightly awkward about Princess Beatrice’s hat, to be honest.
The RAF will now fly onto the continent and fire a few warning shots at France.
Lunch finished. Queen medley coming up. Don’t stop one now, one’s having such a good time, one’s having a ball!
Text from the Pope: “Watched the whole thing on TV. You looked A-MAZ-ING. Love, love, love that hat!”
Approximately 3/4 full of gin, 1/4 full of wedding cake and 100% full of happiness. God Save One.

Fun times, all in all. And no, I still don’t have a commemorative biscuit tin. There are none to be seen in M&S – rumour has it that McVities ones are now reduced, but I’ve yet to see any…


  1. Good luck finding your biscuit tin! I surprised myself by turning into somewhat of a Royal Wedding junkie on the weekend – watching the replays, reading the special newspaper edition, websites, etc.

  2. I think this week may be the first time I ever buy a copy of Hello magazine! Can’t quite believe how intrigued I am by the wedding special…

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