The things cupcakes do to people…

When it comes to things I get nerdy about, I generally have little control over when such nerdiness appears. (It’s how I find myself telling stories about disused tube stations at parties.) This is often embarrassing, especially if it manifests itself by me grabbing a plate out of someone’s hands so that I can photograph its contents…

…well, who wouldn’t, when the plate bore beautiful cupcakes? 
Photo courtesy of the Corker & Mills’ blog
Corker & Mills are a fabulous catering duo, one half of which is a lovely friend of mine and goes to my church. Last Sunday they catered the post-church evening meal and made colourful cupcakes. I was in a high state of anticipation having spotted a tweet from them earlier in the day mentioning the cupcakes, not to mention the fact that I’ve seen plenty of photographic evidence but never sampled them. I was not disappointed. 
Thing was, while I took photos of my cupcake, there was such a diverse range of designs that I couldn’t help wanting to document as many as possible. Having a friend serving behind the counter meant I was able to sneak some shots of the cake stand, but otherwise I sidled up to friends and borrowed their plates before consumption had begun. This inevitably meant explaining what I was doing and it has to be said that several people (male students in particular) did not fully appreciate the art of cupcake photography. 
There are rules when it comes to taking photos of cupcakes (well, in my world there are) – once looking down from above, once from the side and occasionally one minus the cupcake case: 

That top one (which was mine) was a gorgeous cake, by the way – divine chocolate sponge and not excessively frosted. Later in the evening I sampled a similarly lovely lemon sponge (with yellow icing) which had luckily stayed intact during the cupcake stampede. Yes, ‘cupcake stampede’. When it was announced that the leftover cakes would be free, there was a mad dash to the table (I did not participate in this – it was mostly men) which sent the cake stand and cakes flying. Mills said she wished I’d filmed it – so do I. 
Also, Sunday saw the creation of an interesting bit of cupcake sign-language. Friend, regular blog reader and server in the church cafe came to find me at the start of the service to let me know that cupcakes were being served (he also wanted to point out that the first song was the song I mentioned loathing last week). The music was loud (because the band were rocking out to Jesus Saves) and he felt gesturing would help get his message across. Thing is, I can’t help feeling that cupping both his hands in front of his chest was the most appropriate way to do this… 
My only regret about the cupcake extravaganza is that the lighting wasn’t great and the location not super exciting, meaning the photos I took weren’t the best. My latest hobby is taking excellent cupcakes to interesting locations: 
A Hummingbird Peanut Butter Brownie Cupcake visits the Natural History Museum and the V&A

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