People are crazy

There are crazy people everywhere, but there seems to be a particularly high concentration of them in London – perhaps simply because the city boasts a large population within a small area. Sometimes I forget this and thus it comes as a bit of a surprise when something particularly random occurs…

On Friday I enjoyed an afternoon off, shopping on Oxford Street. By 3pm I’d purchased a dress for a party the following evening, had a good meander and was heading towards Tottenham Court Road for afternoon coffee at Foyles with my Wise Friend. Walking the length of London’s busiest shopping street necessitated crossing the road at Oxford Circus, which is often a bit of an experience (introducing people to the new diagonal crossing is something of a hobby of mine and I’ll frequently cross on the diagonal even if I don’t actually need to).

As I crossed the road, an old lady walked towards me, so I swerved to ensure we didn’t bump into each other. When we passed (still at fairly close proximity) she reached out her hand and whacked me on my arm. I was stunned and stood for a moment in the middle of the road to consider what had just happened. No one else seemed to notice and after a brief pause I continued my journey – not wanting to get mown down by a bus at such a young age.

Honestly, even in the re-telling I wonder if I dreamt it. (Though I’m enjoying the re-telling of it in person, as it means I get to hit the person I’m talking to on the arm.) Quite, quite bizarre.

The new style Oxford Circus – see, it’s the epitome of exciting for a road crossing… 

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