Do not pass this Friday Fun by

Firstly, it’s Friday, take a deep breath and repeat to yourself “the weekend is nearly here, the weekend is nearly here”. If that doesn’t calm you down, watch this – repeatedly – and all will be serene:

If your week’s been rather stressful (for example, last night saw me actually yelling at an e-mail), or you have a tendency to make an idiot of yourself on a night out, just remind yourself that there chances are it won’t be as embarrassing an experience as Dominc Cooper & Rosamund Pike had at the BAFTA’s on Sunday…

Thanks to church, I missed the entire BAFTA experience, which is sad – I just wish I knew someone with Sky who’d be up for watching the Oscars next weekend. Yes, it means staying up on a Sunday night which isn’t particular sensible and yes, they’re not really all they’re cracked up to be, but I do love a good awards ceremony. My sister and I share a rather morbid affection for the ‘people who died this year’ segment, without fail surprised that someone’s death had passed us by and that someone we thought long-dead had only actually passed away in the last year.

As it’s Friday, you’ll also be in need of a musical gem (which does not, for once, refer to a ‘musical’) that has rhythm, gospel harmonies and rap. Oh, and God – he’s important, right? This was played – quite out of the blue and to my immense delight – by Chris Moyles on Radio 1 this Tuesday. I danced around my room like a mad thing and was gleefully happy for a good hour or so afterwards:

You might be surprised to hear that I know all the words to this – including the rap – plus harmonies and appropriate choreography (or inappropriate at moments). All thanks to my years in a Christian youth choir with a diverse repertoire for which I’m immensely thankful. In fact, this song was particularly special as our version segued into Amy Grant’s That’s What Love is For – goodness only knows why, but it was widely regarded as a favourite.

With all these gems (and I use the term loosely), you may be interested in thanking me. If that’s the case, don’t leave me a comment – send me a card, this card to be precise:

Oh, and don’t forget Tom Hanks is a Lot of Animals

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