The Double F (Friday Fun – what else could it mean?)

This week’s fun is entirely derived from one, recently discovered, website – a website that caters more for women than for men. The Hairpin is a similar format to Gizmodo (though not quite so nerdy and sadly lacks a reporter called Jesus), pulling together articles from all over the place, as well as their own. It should be mentioned that some of the articles are NFW (Not For Work) – I inadvertently ended up at a rather risqué Marie Claire article that would be fine in a magazine being read on a train, but not so good on my screen at work while eating soup. Just exercise some caution and you’ll be fine. (Oh, and just because an article begins by mentioning Barbies, doesn’t mean it’s going to be sweet and innocent…)

Comedy gems discovered so far include:
The spotting of a ‘catpack’ – a backpack for cats (i.e. you put them in one, not on them) in the wild. [No, I’m not including the photo, you’re going to have to click through…]
Graphs illustrating the similarity of ex-boyfriends to our fathers and how much women want to be told they’re like their mothers. I love a good graph. [Is this a good time to mention that in the last couple of years I’ve noticed that I’m increasingly drawn to beardy men? Those that know my father will understand why this bothers me.]
An article outlining where the characters of The Babysitters’ Club are, now that they’re 37. (This is rather niche, even I didn’t read the books that avidly, but I was intrigued and I somehow suspect that at least one reader of this was a big fan.)
An explanation of how putting a bag on your head can aid the deep conditioning of your hair.

However, what has most intrigued me has been a series of articles on bras – oh yes, we’re entering that territory again. For the first time I’ve realised that there is quite a difference between the US and UK lingerie markets. We even have different sizes – stateside, they go A, B, C, D, DD and then DDD, DDDD, DDDDD…how ridiculous is that? Counting the number of D’s on a label? No thank-you ma’am.

The differences first came to light in an article where the prevalence of t-shirt bras was bemoaned. (For the uninitiated – male readers – t-shirt bras include foam padding so that nothing sticks out, if you get my drift.) Such items are fine for those at the lower end of the cup spectrum, but beyond a D it’s quite unlikely that many ladies would want an extra layer of padding. Reading through the comments it emerged that the more blessed of American women were far worse off than their British counterparts, seemingly struggling to acquire decent underwear, especially foam-free bras.

Yesterday saw a follow-up article, advising well-endowed Americans on where to buy the best underwear and strategies with which to deal with what God had blessed them with. Honestly, until I read this woman raving about M&S and Bravissimo, I had no idea just how lucky we were. When describing particular brands available, she compares Fantasie with Freya as follows, in what I feel is a beautiful piece of prose:

Not only do they have a perfectly feminine, sexy, and lacy regular line (with a few beige-foam concessions for those who hate joy), they also have a junior line, named Freya, which is totally the morally compromised Skipper to Fantasie’s proper-but-smokin’ Barbie.

At this moment I wonder if it’s appropriate to mention that I own a couple of Freya bras? Actually, if we’re talking about appropriate, you know what isn’t? A friend looking at you, asking if your cleavage has shrunk, cupping your assets to check and then demanding to know your bra size – all while stood at the bar in a pub! [True story – last Sunday – it ended with me indignantly exclaiming “I’m a 34xx!” and then realising just how many men were stood within earshot.] Some people – well this person – really have no qualms regarding such behaviour, as several people reading this will be able to testify to.

So, in conclusion The Hairpin is a wonderful find and could keep you occupied all afternoon if you’re in need of displacement. Additionally, if you’re above a D cup and British – don’t move to America (or, if you do, stock up on underwear before you go); if you’re American, come to London and spend a day at Oxford Circus Bravissimo – you will never regret it. Finally, stay away from friends who think grabbing bits of your body in public (or actually, anywhere) is acceptable.


  1. Most things in life are better once plotted on a graph…

  2. Unless the graph reveals you to be a potentially pervy old man…

  3. Hi Liz, thanks for drawing this to our attention! Your American readers will be pleased to hear that Freya bras are available in the United States, and a full list of stockists can be found at We want to banish bra hell for women, so before you buy your next Freya bra, visit The Holy Fit ( to find your perfect fit. Freya x

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