Reviewing the 2010 Firsts – Part One: Evaluation

The whole concept of the 2010 First was one of the better things to emerge from a slightly bizarre beginning to 2010. A conversation with the lovely Annabelle combined with a feeling that I could achieve anything in this new year, set me on the path to do as many new things as possible.

There were two aspects to the plan. One was the list I drew up early in January, consisting of things I’d like to do during the year; the second being the idea that I’d keep a record of everything I did for the first time and that I’d actively pursue such ventures. The original list was a great encouragement throughout the year, while the idea of saying yes to things found me in a lot of new places – Olympia for the horse of the year show being the most recent example from the week before Christmas.

Oh, and there were two lists. One’s accessible via a link above, the other is hidden away on my anonymous blog. Some people know about some of the ‘secret’ firsts, but trust me, they’re mostly not that interesting. In fact, I can reveal that one of them was ‘Wore a vest top at the gym’ – which is a first, but something of a pathetic one, especially given as vest tops became a crucial component of my summer wardrobe. This year, as I come up with a new list, there’ll be firsts I want to achieve that won’t be included on the blog mostly in order to preserve my image.

Looking back at the complete list, it is truly a random assortment of events and activities. The ‘clean’ version (I’m just trying to make my life sound more interesting you realise) consists of 78 items, of which…

  • Fourteen were food/drink related and generally involved eating ‘new’ substances like olives, cherry tomatoes and new cupcake flavours. 
  • Eight involved new geographical locations, though several were work related visits, which may be something of a cop-out. 
  • Nine involved singing in some form, either me doing it, or me listening to other people do it.
  • One was definitely a failure – including ‘tried (and failed at) pole dancing’ was possibly over-ambitious. Although I most definitely had a go at it, I wasn’t successful, therefore can it count? 
  • Only six of the 78 were on the original list. Having said that, I only missed three and a half of the original list. [It’s a half because I’d wanted to go to a spa, and although I stayed at a hotel with a spa – and used it – it wasn’t exactly what I’d classify as a spa trip as I was actually working, so no massages could take place.]
Also, having just re-read the list I’ve remembered that I now willingly eat olives. After over two and a half decades of avoiding the things, I’ve discovered they’re actually quite nice. Thing is, after eating them in January, I’d forgotten I now eat them – maybe I need to keep a list in my wallet to remind me. 

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