Photographic catch-up

It’s been a long, tiring day. Actually, life in general is pretty knackering at the moment. This evening I got home at 9pm after a loooooong working day and for some reason decided that it was time to catch up on some Flickr uploading (as you do).

This in turn reminded me of some photos I’d forgotten I’d taken, so I thought I’d share…

A rainbow in the fountain at the Royal Festival Hall
This was taken the day of the first tube strike (September 7th) when it was still warm and walking all over London was a pleasure, not a hypothermia inducing chore. 

Remember the grammatical graffiti discovered a while back? 
I didn’t get any photos of Tobacco Dock (its location) at the time, but took these one evening a couple of days later when I happened to be back that way. 
(Didn’t dare go inside on my own though.)

On this week’s tube strike, I decided to walk from Trafalgar Square to Paddington via the Royal Parks, despite the Arctic conditions. 
Along the way I stumbled into Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland 
– not a pleasant experience, but fairly pretty on a quiet Monday afternoon.

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