Assorted Friday Fun

Yesterday, I’d thought to myself that in order to get a head-start on London’s other Christmas shoppers, I’d head out and get to Oxford Street by 10am. This morning I woke up at 9.15 – clearly that wasn’t going to happen. Thus, I have very little time to write a beautiful/hilarious Friday post, plus, I only have two things to share.

1. Possibly the most frustrating flash game you’ll ever play. Entitled ‘QWOP’ (because those are the keys you use to play), “you are Qwop, our small nation’s sole representative at the Olympic Games…”. The idea is to try and run 100m – I think I managed just over 2, it’s nigh on impossible.

In fact, I think I had patience to play this for all of 3 minutes, but others may find it more of a distraction.

2. Discovered via a friend on Twitter, a fabulous re-working of a Christmas classic:

That would be the Dubstep Snowman. Fabulous. It’s not Christmas until you’ve heard Walking in the Air at least a dozen times and had the chance to watch the Snowman. (In fact, I’m still a little disappointed that it wasn’t in the system on our karaoke night out a couple of weeks ago.)

Now, having fulfilled my blogging obligations, I really ought to get out of bed and on with day one of my four day weekend.

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