Assorted photographic randomness

One of the things I thought I wouldn’t get overly excited by amongst the whole ‘I’ve got an iPhone’ thing was the camera. I’ve carried my own camera (infinitely better than the iPhone’s) with me pretty much 24/7 for over a year and prefer good quality photos to shabby ones.

However, the temptation to take random photos and have them instantly uploaded to Twitter can be rather overwhelming, and thus, a week on from the iPhone’s arrival my camera roll includes a random collection of shots. There was a purpose to all of them, but not all have made it on to Twitter/Facebook, so I thought I’d share…

1. The office reception gets over-run with bean bags:

That’s a lot of bean bags (there were more behind me too). They were on their way to a youth conference, but sat there for more than a day looking ever so tempting. Is it just me, or would others be tempted to launch themselves upon them?

2. A Perfectly Posh Gingerbread House (& what was needed to make it):

I liked the look of Perfectly Posh in Bristol’s Clifton Village, but sadly it had just shut when we got there. I’m posh and I’m perfect, so I’m sure I’d have fitted in straight away… 
3. A sign outside an aquarium on Great Portland Street:
I know, very immature! But honestly, if they’re going to have that sign right on the pavement for all to see, it’s just asking for people to take photos. Actually, this wasn’t a surprise – I’d heard mention of it on Radio 1 (it’s just across the road from their studios) and vowed I’d look out for it. Despite frequent walks in that direction (is it wrong that I sometimes deliberately route journeys past Radio 1 in the hope of celeb spotting?) I’d never found the aquarium – until today. It vastly improved an otherwise uninteresting lunch hour. 
The thought process behind photographic tweets is rather random. That’s certainly the only explanation for how a photo of forlorn cherry tomatoes at the end of an M&S pesto salad ended up there. (Despite this year’s successful eating of this fruit, I still generally avoid them.) Apologies. 

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