Impersonation is the highest form of flattery?

For about a year, I’ve lusted after a friend’s favourite pair of shoes. This year, a new and updated pair appeared and I decided I had to have them, and thus, last night we ended up shoe twins. [Yes, Twitter followers, these are the ‘new boots’ whose progress I kept you tediously appraised of throughout last week. Apologies for being so dull and shoe obsessed.]

I was a little concerned that she’d be upset that I’d effectively copied her. After all, when sororal telepathy kicks in, I have a tendency to be rather narked. I became even more concerned yesterday lunch time when I realised that my skirt was not dissimilar to a style she wears and that I was toting a canvas bag from our mutual second favourite bookstore (that would be Foyles; Daunts is our favourite), albeit a different one to her favourite tote, but still, the similarities were there.

It should be noted that I wasn’t intentionally imitating her; that quite frankly there are significantly worse people to imitate; and that she has a fantastic yet simple sense of style which is fairly easy to emulate accidentally. Plus, we have similar tastes – it’s probably why we’re friends. All the same, I was still a little anxious when she arrived.

Fortunately, I needn’t have worried. Firstly, her pair are on their last legs and she was contemplating getting the new version – seeing mine has simply confirmed that decision. Secondly, seeing them on someone else made her realise just how great they are. I don’t intend to sound big-headed (or make her sound it) when I repeat her comment that “wow, those boots really do look great with tights, I mean, people have told me they looked good, but now I can see it for myself!”.

Is impersonation the highest form of flattery? Should we worry if we dress the same as friends – why is it that once you’re past being a teenager this stops being appealing? Is it simply a passion for not conforming and breaking free from years of enforced school uniform wearing?

Most importantly though, I love new shoes…
Plus, I’m pleased that with this purchase I am making a determined effort to make myself wear heels more regularly. These are comfortable ones, so I have no excuse (other than the occasional moment of tottering unsteadily and reducing my walking pace fractionally) not to wear them.

Besides, I like what walking in heels does to my hips – sashaying really is quite the appropriate expression. You know why women like heels (apart from the height thing)? It makes them feel downright womanly.

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