Walking with Giants

For some time it’s been a bone of contention with my parents that while they had taken my sister to the Giant’s Causeway on her first trip across the Irish Sea (back in 2004) I’d never been. Apparently, it was all a bit anti-climactic for my mother, so although they’ve taken other visitors there since, it’s not high on her list of ‘things to do’. However, when I planned my latest visit, my Mum promised to take me there (all the while reminding me that it might not be quite what I imagined – always keen to prevent disappointment!).

I wasn’t disappointed – not one bit.
Of course, it helped that Northern Ireland unexpectedly had a heatwave over the first few days of September. [I spent 76 hours there and it only rained in the last two – that’s a record.] For the first time in 6 years of visiting I had bare arms and could have done with some sunscreen.

There is of course a lot of history, myth, legend and geological information about the Causeway, but I can’t really be bothered to write about it. Wikipedia has a decent entry, so if you’re ‘hot for rocks’ (to quote a friend who is quite the geological stalker) head over there. It’s also worth noting that should you be trying to reach the rocks using a Sat Nav, you will need to include the apostrophe in order for it to be found – that pleased me immensely. What did not amuse me was the lack of consistency in road signage – some used the possessive apostrophe, others didn’t. Shame on you sign writers…

Unsurprisingly, I took about a billion photos (that might be a teeny-tiny exaggeration) using two cameras almost simultaneously. I was allowed to play with my parent’s DSLR, but not while rock climbing – which was when my lovely little camera came in very handy. My mother’s vertigo also came in handy as it meant she could take photos of me clambering about the rocks, much in the manner of a mountain goat. [Even as I write I’m singing Lonely Goatherd to myself…] Here’s a bit of a photo-story:

“Oh hello – you want to take photos?”

“Yes, I want to take photos!”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Did you say ‘stand on one leg?’ – ok then!”
[Yell from mum below – “Don’t do that! You’ll fall off!!”]

Photographing very interesting rock formations

Interesting rock formations

“Now, let me just sit here a while and ponder…”

“Maybe I’ll sit here and take some more photos.”

There are a lot of photos on Flickr – mostly of rocks – but here’s a small taste: 

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