The ultimate in nerd fashion

I’d usually reserve this for a Friday, but honestly, it made me laugh out loud and as I’ve had a truly awful, frustrating and generally dispiriting day, that is definitely a good thing.

Nerdy fashion is always generally amusing – like these ridiculous t-shirts I shared last year – but this ought to win some kind of award, both for its amazing nerdiness and the fact that its genius lies in its design.

When I saw mention of a ‘Vulcan Hoodie’ on Twitter, I suspected it would be amusing. Then I saw the image emblazoned across the hoodie, and I was confused:

Then I saw the hoodie in situ and almost choked on the banana I was eating at the time:

That, my friends, is true fashion genius…


  1. I love that that made me laugh out loud. Thank you 🙂

  2. I want.

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