Godly garb

Last week, when basically comparing the Christian world to Rowling’s wizarding world, I mentioned some of the quirky clothing sported by some people of faith. It’s taken me a while to accumulate enough evidence for a full post on this topic, but the results are (I think) amusing enough for Friday fun.

Firstly, a disclaimer. I am not mocking those who wear or design these t-shirts. In fact, good on the people who choose to wear them for putting their faith out there for all to see. In a lot of cases I’m actually quite amused at the way in which secular graphics have been manipulated to include a Christian dimension and most of the examples below made me laugh out loud and impressed me.

So, first off we have a selection of familiar designs that have been tweaked, just a tad:

See – actually quite clever. I think Abreadcrumb & Fish might be my personal favourite.

Then we have the movie versions. Sadly, nowhere could I find the Lord of the Kings tee I’d spotted the other week, but I did discover these:

Have to say, I’m quite keen on the Star Wars reference. 

And finally, some t-shirts that I actually love and could almost be persuaded to buy…

For religious grammar pedants:
A little bit of irony (from here):
(Incidentally, love that this is on a man’s t-shirt!)
This one was specially created by this guy and as soon as I spotted it I had to send it to C – too, too amusing:
And last, but by no means least, there are (of course) a whole host of relationship related t-shirts, because as we know, that’s what Christians are most obsessed with. (Remember the Jesus loves you…but I fancy you t-shirt?) There are various variations on the I ♥ theme, but this was a favourite: 
Cos you know what? I do. (From here.)
And you may also appreciate the Bible reference. 2 Corinthians 6:14 reads: ‘Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?’

But perhaps, after all these examples, maybe the strange person who declared “I don’t do t-shirts with words on” had a point…


  1. I love the “You Suck” T-shirt – although it might have the disadvantage of driving people away rather than starting a conversation…

    That “Church Boys” one is just plain scary…

  2. You may be right about the You Suck one, not quite the same sentiments as Jesus loves you but I’m his favourite

    The scariest thing about the other one is that there are women who’d actually wear it and mean it!

    Once upon a time I had a keyring that read: I gave myself to Jesus but now he never calls. When that gets made into a t-shirt, I’ll be first in line.

  3. The students are about to get hoodies that say ‘You float my ark’ on the back.

    Just putting that one out there.

  4. Hmmmm, you’ve mentioned that. Will there be an image on the hoodies too?
    You students are special people!

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