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A lot of the American blogs I read go in for super cheesy birthday posts in honour of their loved ones and offspring. It’s not something I’d generally indulge in, except that as I’m tent-bound, writing a birthday greeting on my sister’s Facebook wall is an impossibility – but scheduling a blog post is not.

So, this is what she looked like 26 years ago today:

Here’s an indication of how our sibling relationship developed:

And, just so she can’t complain that I’ve posted potentially embarrassing photos of her online, here’s one in which she definitely comes off better than I do:

In the gushing American blogs, there would now follow a piece on how wonderful and amazing my sister is. But I’m neither American or gushing, so I will simply say that I hope she has a lovely day that makes up for me having given her (at her request) the saddest birthday present ever – thanks to her being hugely grown up and having just bought a house. Oh, and I hope there’s cake and she doesn’t have to make it herself! 
Our parents rather conveniently organised it so that our birthdays are only five days apart, ensuring that:
(i) It would be difficult to forget both dates, what with the first being a reminder of the second.
(ii) Joint birthday parties are excellent money saving devices.
(ii) Two summer birthdays also result in very small birthday parties, what with everyone having gone on holiday.
Now that we live miles away from each other, we no longer have to suffer the indignity of joint celebrations – so whilst it might cost more (and involve more organisational skill) to get presents where they need to be, at least there are some advantages… 

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