Snap, crackle and pop art

Almost the best thing about hotel stays (apart from baths, spas, freebie toiletries and biscuits) are the breakfasts. In my regular life, breakfast during the week is at best a hurried bowl of Weetabix (hurried both because of time restrictions and a need to consume it before it’s over soggy). At worst, it’s a banana or cereal bar eaten on the walk to the station, or, even worse – nothing.
Hotels present a scintillating array of choices. Multiple choice cereals; toast, the full-English; a random continental assortment of croissants, cheese & ham; fresh fruit; dried fruit; and strange milk dispensing machines… Oh, the excitement!
Cereal is a favourite, though dull in comparison with the other options. To make the most of it, it’s best to combine some of the choices available – as long as they compliment each other. Rice Krispies and Coco Pops is a classic combo (a strategy learnt during the days of holiday treat variety packs, what with one pack not being enough for a meal). What I’d not fully appreciated, until it was commented upon, was just how special my combination was.
This is what my bowl looked like:
Is that normal? Could it even be art? Does it simply reflect my innate need for order and symmetry in my life? Is it what Monica would do? Honestly, I hadn’t realised what I’d done until a colleague pointed it out. 
Maybe there could be a series, I imagine Cheerios might make for interesting patterns… 


  1. Yes, it is what Monica would do.
    Yes, it is your OCD coming out.
    No, it is not art (because you didn’t intentionally create it to be art-y, only to placate your more anal tendencies)

  2. Confession:
    That’s how I had my cereal on Tuesday, when the comment was made.
    This morning I deliberately re-did it so I could take the photo and write this post. Does that make the second version art? And is the fact that I did it again sad?

    [I think I might know the answer to that.]

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