It’s deadline week at work (two deadlines, on the same day in fact), which means that my mind is tired and my fingers are less inclined to type. As a result, this week’s blogging will have been largely picture based. No apologies for this, especially as it gives me space to think on other things, but it’s good to keep up the variety.

I would dearly love to be a good photographer. I’d really like a decent SLR camera, along with the knowledge & ability to use one effectively. Because spring has sprung, I’m beginning my annual (well, second year in a row) pondering of the camera dilemma. Spending a day in the presence of a friend who knows a lot more about cameras than me (and goes for the old skool version) exacerbated this – and though there is no way I’m going down the film route (I lack the patience) it’s really got me thinking.

Anyway, I said this wouldn’t be wordy – clearly I lied… My favourite set of photos from Saturday’s expedition are entitled ‘Reflections’. A few friends find my interest in digital self-portraiture a little unnerving (or amusing) and regard it as shameless narcissism. I, on the other hand, think that it’s an interesting photographic challenge, especially when you throw the issue of reflecting glass in there too…

Yes, they’re dark. Yes, you can’t really see the subjects very well. But I think they suitably reflect the amusement that can be derived from a sofa, a piece of glass, a camera and extreme exhaustion from looking at too much art.

One further reflection on this topic – why is it that such self-portraits look so much better when the photographer is holding a ‘proper’ camera (i.e. not a tiny compact thing)? I adore this one of my fabulously talented friend Katie, which conveniently for this post also involves reflections. (Don’t assume this blog is simply thrown together without thought!) She has a proper camera and takes truly excellent photos with it – I’m jealous.


  1. Including self-portrait, reflection, and an interesting two-shot, this has got be one of my favourite ever pictures of me.
    Taken again by the fabulous Katie.

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