Obsessive – moi?

I’ve long been aware that my personality leans towards obsessive in certain areas. However, I was recently accused of being obsessive about something that I’m most categorically not obsessive towards – shoes.

Now, I know certain people will be thinking “urm, hang on, Liz is totally obsessed with shoes – we hear about it every time she buys new ones”, but actually, I don’t buy them that often. It’s my mother who’s labelled me this way (I heard via a colleague who’s a good friend of hers) claiming that I talk about them all the time.

In fact, I think it’s simply that when I do buy shoes I put a fair bit of thought and research into it and talk through the purchase with shoe-loving people (i.e. my mother and sister) before committing. A fact that I think proves this point is that I hadn’t bought new shoes since early October until this Sunday. That’s over 6 months – impressive I feel.

For quite some time I’ve been feeling a need for some perfect red flats. ‘Perfection’ would include the following points:

  • Decent sole and sensible cushioning (you should take care of your feet and not waste money on shoes that don’t do them or your ankles any good – yes, I am now middle-aged). 
  • A good, bright shade of red – think English phone box. 
  • A rounded toe.
  • Something that makes them a little different (i.e. not simply plain ballet pumps). 
On Easter Sunday I trawled websites trying to find such shoes, disappointed that a google image search for ‘perfect red flat shoe’ didn’t unearth the shoe I’d designed in my mind. Anyway, after over an hour of hunting I located a possibility…two weeks later I spotted them on an actual person and knew they were the ones…a day later I bought them…three days later they arrived. See, it’s a meticulous process! 
And the shoes? 
Aren’t they lovely? They’re these ones
Oh, and a word of recommendation for the lovely people at Schuh. I love their shoes generally (even though their Oxford St branch tends to be a little chaotic) but their delivery service is amazing. If you’re in the shop and they don’t have the right size/make, you can pay for them in-store and they’ll deliver them wherever you want. So on Sunday I placed my order; on Tuesday an e-mail arrived to say they were with the courier; this morning (before I’d even left for work) I got a text to say that they’d be delivered today; and lo and behold, they were at work when I got there! Impressive, and there’s no extra delivery cost. 
[If you want to know what I may actually admit to being obsessed with, one word: handbags. There’s also no way that my mother can judge me on that one as she’s just as bad, if not worse. But, except for replacing my stolen one, I’ve bought no handbags for myself since last August…] 

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