Musical graffiti

I’ve just got home from a gig in a small jazz club in town. The performance in question was my brother-in-law’s male vocal ensemble, The Songmen, an a cappella group consisting of “6 of England’s finest gentlemen”…

It was my first experience of listening to them live and I was very impressed. (I was also nearly deafened by the shrill whoops from a guy sat near me, but I digress – the audience was appreciative.) It’s kind of Acafellas from Glee meets the Swingle Sisters, with a little 17th century liturgical music thrown in. In fact, the highest compliment I could pay them was that I felt they were even better than Glee’s Acafellas – that’s saying something!

Anyway, reviewing them wasn’t the point of this post. Whilst queuing for the toilets (as is women’s due in all venues) I spent some time reading the masses of graffiti on the walls. I was sufficiently amused to take some photos (camera phone, apologies for quality) and thought I’d share:

Personally loving the last one. Ever used a Dyson Airblade? Flipping genius and literally the only effective electric hand-dryer in the world. A friend of mine actually notes services that has them and deliberately stops there… (I’m not saying she’s a loser, but I do worry about her.)

The others I felt were rather PostSecret-ish in their honesty – I could have spent much longer reading them, but that would’ve been unfair to the long queue of ladies still waiting to get in.

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